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Experience the incredible acoustics in the old water cistern.

The musician and initiator of Kulturtemplet Jorge Alcaide will guide you through the dark room with sounds and music, a journey inside the mystic of the mountain. At the end the audience can also explore the room by themselves. 

 Mail or call for booking.

Max 6 persons/tour.

Price:100 kr/ person.

Guided tours 

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Photo: Olof Olsson


Kulturtemplet Overtyr

This recording is the first that we made. It was created in october 2013 when the water reservoir was explored for the first time.

The instrument is a 2m long pvc pipe with 5 holes.  The music is an improvisation, a dialog between this instrument and the fantastic acoustics in the room.


Kulturtemplet tiple 1

This instrument is called tiple and is a 12-stringed guitar from Colombia. If you want to here more soundexamples go to our soundcloudpage.


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Kabelgatan 19, Göteborg


Bus 90 or 85 to Gråberget, or go by tram 3 or 9 to Chapmanstorg.


073-929 28 05

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